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gscan2pdf is a GUI to ease the process of producing PDFs from scanned documents. You scan in one or several pages and create a PDF of selected pages. Scanning is handled with SANE via scanimage. PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2. Perl is used for portability and ease of programming, with gtk2-perl for the GUI.

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  •  04 Apr 2014 13:17

    Release Notes: All page range widgets were tied together to prevent unexpected behaviour. A bug was fixed parsing the units of the resolution of imported images. An infinite loop was fixed scanning page 1 when 5+ exist. gscan2pdf now also parses negative progress percentages from scanimage.

    •  29 Jan 2014 00:29

      Release Notes: This release fixes various bugs related to restoring crashed sessions. It fixes a bug that caused the "All" or "Selected" page range selector not to be honored. It adds a menu item "Open crashed session".

      •  14 Jan 2014 09:15

        Release Notes: Various bugs relating to the 'Paper size' widget were fixed.

        •  13 Jan 2014 23:55

          Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in opening saved sessions and storing the resolution of scanned images.

          •  26 Nov 2013 08:04

            Release Notes: The ability to show and hide options in CLI frontends was added via Edit/Preferences. Several bugs were fixed, including one preventing the device from being changed. The translations were updated for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, French, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, and Ukranian.


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